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Boston, MA 02127
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Marine and Industrial
Hardware and Fittings

414.jpg - 2975 Bytes Thimbles
    G411 Standard Thimbles
    G414 Heavy Duty Thimbles
    SS414 Stainless Steel Thimbles
    S412 Solid Wire Rope Thimbles
    G408 Open Pattern Thimbles
A1339.jpg - 5393 Bytes Grade 100 Alloy
    A-1342 Master Links
    A-1345 Master Link Assembly
    A-1320 Eye Hooks
    A-1339 Clevis Sling Hooks
    A-1338 Cradle Grab Hooks
    A-1316/1317 SHUR-LOC Hooks
    A-1325 Chain Couplers
    A-1311 Chain Shorteners
    A-1337 Lok-A-Loy Connecting link
hg223.jpg - 4655 Bytes Turnbuckles
    HG223 Hook and Hook Turnbuckles
    HG225 Hook and EyeTurnbuckles
    HG226 Eye and Eye Turnbuckles
    HG227 Eye and JawTurnbuckles
    HG228 Jaw and Jaw Turnbuckles
S252.jpg - 4123 Bytes Sling Saver Fittings
    S-280 Web Connectors
    S-281 Web Sling Shackles
    S-252 Bolt Type Sling Shackles
    S-253 Screw Pin Sling Shackles
    S-320 Web Sling Hooks
    S-282 Web/Chain Connector
    S-287 Web Sling Choker Hook
    S-255 Spool
    S-256 Link Plates
    S-237 Sling Connector
    HR-125W Web Hoist Ring
g450.jpg - 4345 Bytes Wire Rope Clip
    G-429 Fist Grip Clips
    G-450 Wire Rope Clips
    SS-450 Stainless Wire Rope Clips
g209.jpg - 3469 Bytes Shackles
    G209/210 Screw Pin Shackles
    G213/215 Round Pin Shackles
    G2130/G2150 Bolt Type Shackles
    G2140 Alloy Shackles
    G2160 Wide Body Shackles
g341.jpg - 3031 Bytes Links
    G-340 Weldless End Links
    G-341 Weldless Sling Links
    S-643 Weldless Rings
    A-341 Alloy Pear Shaped Links
    A-342 Alloy Master Links
    A-344 Welded Master Link
    A-345 Master Link Assembly
    A-347 Welded Master Link Assembly
G402.jpg - 6985 Bytes Swivels
    G-401 Forged Chain Swivels
    G-402 Forged Regular Swivels
    G-403 Forged Jaw End Swivels
    Angular Bearing Contact Swivels
    Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing Swivels
G277.jpg - 6044 Bytes Eye Bolts
    G-277 Shoulder Nut Eye Bolts
    G-291 Regular Nut Eye Bolts
    G-275 Screw Eye Bolts
    S-276 Shoulder Rivet Eye Bolts
    S-293 Rivet Eye Bolts
    S-279 Shoulder Machinery Eye Bolts
    S-405 Lifting Eyes
    S-264 Pad Eyes
    G-400 Eye Nuts

Please Note:
With all the recent cases of on-line credit card and Identity theft,
we feel obliged to inform our customers that neither
C.G. Edwards Co Inc. or Boxell's Chandlery,
under any circumstance sell or divulge any personal information about our customers,
nor do we in any way store confidential information on our server.
Please be assured that we will continue to do everything within our power to keep any
information submitted by our customers as secure as we possibly can.

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